Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Poe Ditch Festival Ad from the Ann Arbor Sun

We found an advertisement for the Poe Ditch Festival from the May 23, 1975 edition of the Ann Arbor Sun, a bi-weekly newspaper for the organization Trans-Love Energies. The newspaper was originally called the Warren-Forest Sun (founded in Detroit and named after the Detroit neighborhood between Warren Avenue and Forest Avenue) before relocating to Ann Arbor Michigan in 1968 when Trans-Love Energies relocated.

Gary Grimshaw, and John and Leni Sinclair founded the Trans-Love Energies organization in 1967, and they worked out of communal houses at 1510 and 1520 Hill St, where the Ann Arbor Sun was produced and edited by the members of the group. The buildings housed the MC5 as well as artists, and the paper was originally aligned with the White Panther Party. The Trans-Love Energies organization is still in operation today, primarily as a medical marijuana compassion center.

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