CLaZel Theater

The BG News May 16, 1969 

Built in 1926, the Clazel theater (aka Clazel Theatre or Cla-Zel Theatre) is a theater and venue located at 127 N Main Street in Bowling Green, Ohio that hosted plays and musical acts and is now a venue for hire for weddings and other receptions. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, it hosted local bands playing as part of the long-running local event, the Black Swamp Arts Festival, referred to by locals, as the Black Arts Swamp Fest. The Clazel is still in operation today. It is 2 years older than Howard's Club H and is the first stop on our tour. Each stop has its own audio segment. On the next stop, we will learn more about the Black Swamp Arts Festival, followed by a stop at the infamous Howard's Club H.

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