Source Guide

The is a source guide to the 9 stops on the Walking Tour

1. ClaZel Theatre
A) "Cla-Zel Theatre," Cinema Treasures, accessed February 10, 2020,

B) Support your Local Sheriff advertisement, BG News, May 16,1969, p.8, accessed April 30th, 2020,

2. Black Swamp Arts Festival
A) Black Swamp Arts Festival, accessed February 10, 2020,

B) Jan Larson McLaughlin, "Black Swamp Arts Fest Draws Huge Numbers Downtown," BG Independent News, September 8, 2019, accessed May 2, 2020,

C) Black Swamp Arts, 1993-2019,Northwest Ohio Independent Culture Archive, Jerome Library, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green Ohio,

3. Howard's Club H
A) Madison Bressler, Facebook Messenger interview, May 2, 2020.
Her band Half Kidding is linked here

B) Frank, Jim, Mario, Rizzo band members, personal interview, March 1, 2020.

C) "Howard's Club H" Facebook, accessed March 5, 2020. 

D) Howard's Club H (website), accessed March 5, 2020.

E) Heather Riedel, "Method Man and Clan to Perform," BG News, September 22, 2006, accsessed May 4th, 2020, 

F) Laura Lee Caracciolo, "Howard's Club H,"  BG Falcon Media, October 9, 2009,

G) Howard's Show Posters, 1996-2000, Northwest Ohio Independent Culture Archive, Jerome Library, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green Ohio,

4. Grand Ballroom
A) Annie Sprinkle 
“Bosom Ballet at Bowling Green” by Mike Adams in Townhall October 27th 2005 
“Porn star shocks” by Matt Manning in BG Falcon Media October 23rd 2005 
B) Timothy Leary 
“Leary High on Individualism’ by Julie Wallace in BG News April 23rd 1987 
BG News AD April 22 1987 Daze Of Rock and Leary 
 “Ah, I Remember It Well” by Craig Hergert in BG NEWS April 17th 1987 
C) MC5  
“MC5 Attempts To Fashion Cultural Revolution” in BG News May 23rd 1969 
“Pop Festival Tonight; MC-5 heads the card” by Daneene Fry in BG News May 21st 1969 
“MC5 To Kick Out at Pop Festival” in BG News May, 16th, 1969 
D) Playboy Party  
Playboy Party Ad in BG News May 21st 1969 
Playboy Party in BG News May 23 1969 
“Bunny Hops In Union” May 27 1969 
5. Williams Hall Protest and Unrest
A) BGSU Historic Campus Tours, Center for Archival Collections, Jerome Library, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio,

B) Roger Anderson, "Williams Hall Front Steps," 2010, accessed April 29, 2020,

C) Jose Luna, personal interview with Heather Bloom and author, March 27, 2020.
Get his Children's book If a Little Girl was President

D) "ROTC Review: Protesters vs. Protesters" BG News, May 22, 1968,p.1, accessed May 3, 2020,

E) "Suspect Bound Over," BG News, April 27, 1976, p.5, accessed March 18, 2020,

F) Bob Bortel, "Socialist Candidate Cries Foul During Visit," Bg News, July 22, 1976, p.1, accessed March 18, 2020,

G) Gall Harris, "Moody Found Guilty; Decision Stirs Crowd," BG News, October 5, 1976, p.2, accessed March 24, 2020,

H) Julie Rollo, "BSU Proposes Police Board," BG News, April 14, 1977, p.1, accessed April 30th, 2020,

I) Jim Flick, "Minority Groups Protest Racial Harassment," BG News, May 25, 1979, p.1, accessed March 29, 2020,

J) Danny Gray, "Racism Cited in Rape Cases," BG News, November 16, 1990, p.1, accessed May 3, 2020,

6. Bridge Over Troubled Water

A) Karen Humburg, News photo, BG News, August 6, 1970, p.4, accessed March 10, 2020,

B) "Bridge Over Troubled Waters," BG News, September 24, 1970, accessed March 10, 2020,

C) Candice Goforth Desantis, "Heart of Steel," Don Drumm Studios, accessed March 10, 2020,

D) Whitney Blair Wycoff, "Jackson State: A Tragedy Widely Forgotten," NPR, May 3, 2010, accessed March 18, 2020,   

7. United Christian Fellowship

A) United Christian Fellowship, Digital Archives,Jerome Library, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green Ohio

B) United Christian Fellowship (website), accessed May 3, 2020,

8. Daze Rock Festival
 “Daze of Rock slated for Saturday” in BG News April 22 1987  
 BG News AD April 22 1987 Daze Of Rock and Leary 
“City Heat marks 25 years of sweet music” Jan 16, 2010 
ProgNation website 
BGSU Digital Gallery Kreischer under construction 
Center for Archival Collections Aerial Tour 

9. Poe Ditch Music Festival
Poe Ditch Announcement in the Center for Archival Collections.  
“Poe Ditch Music Festival – Drugs, Rain” by Joe Wallet in BG News June 3rd, 1975 “Moore Calls Concert ‘First Time- Last Time’ Campus Experience” in BG News June 3rd, 1975 “Poe Ditch Music Festival Part 1: The Lead-up" by Michele Mathis  Apr 29, 2015 
“Poe Ditch Festival Part 2: The Concert “ Annie Furia  BG Falcon Media April 30th 2015 
Poe Ditch 40 facebook Group 
Center for Archival Collections Photograph Collection for Poe Ditch!/search?ho=t&l=en&q=%22poe%20ditch%22%20music%20festival 
Center for Archival Collections Aerial Tour 
“Promoters estimate turn-out near 30,000 for June concert” BG News April 22nd, 1975 

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